Decor-O-Scopes: Table Lamps for Every Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to making life's biggest decisions, there's always research and reason. But that's just ... boring? We much prefer listening to what's in the stars, and so when it comes to decorating, astrology can actually be helpful. Hear us out: Every zodiac sign has their own decorating style — from intense, sultry Scorpio; to airy, artsy Libra; to bold, glamorous Aries. Here are 12 table lamps for each sign:

ARIES: Urban Outfitters Oil Slick Table Lamp, $89

Aries, a fire sign, is drawn to intense, bold colors and glamorous, reflective surfaces — like the base of this lamp, which is reminiscent of the iridescent hue at the hot center of a burning flame.

TAURUS: CB2 Hatch Black and White Table Lamp, $129

Taurus, an earth sign, rules material objects and loves to be surrounded by beautiful, unstuffy elegance. This black and white table lamp is chic and refined, but hardly boring.

GEMINI: Target Opalhouse Rattan Table Lamp, $33.99

An air sign represented by twins, Gemini is funky, creative, and inclined toward redecorating, so affordability is key. This rattan table lamp from Target's new Opalhouse brand is trendy, eclectic, and won't break the bank.

CANCER: Anthropologie Aurelia Lamp Ensemble, $168

Ever the romantic, Cancer gravitates toward soft, soothing colors, and feminine details, like this blush-coral lamp with its vaguely preppy tassel switch.

LEO: West Elm Green Metalized Glass Table Lamp, $99

The Zodiac's proud lion embraces regal colors (like deep emerald or goldenrod) and luxe materials (like marble and brass). This West Elm table lamp has the classic, sophisticated opulence that Leos roar about.

VIRGO: West Elm Framed Sphere Table Lamp, $199

The most Type-A sign of the Zodiac, Virgos abhor clutter and crave a calm, harmonious living space where every detail is just so. The balanced asymmetrical spheres of this lamp have just enough character for the perfectionist sign.

LIBRA: France & Son High Brass Ball Table Lamp, $149

This air sign is represented by the scales, and their approach to home decor seeks to balance their love of both unique, artful details and modern simplicity. This lamp's clean lines and carefully perched spherical light are just right.

SCORPIO: All Modern Gold Spiked Table Lamp, $152.99

Only a tough, sexy, and intense sign like Scorpio would have a bedroom lamp that could double as a particularly damaging weapon.

SAGITTARIUS: Joss & Main Rocade Table Lamp, $84.99

Adventurous Sagittariuses loves to infuse their homes with natural details that remind them of their travels — the weathered turquoise of this table lamp is reminiscent of where the sea meets the sand.

CAPRICORN: One Kings Lane Thebes Table Lamp, $159

An earth sign, Capricorn favors strong, sturdy decor that exudes a stately, elegant simplicity. This lamp takes a solid, traditional shape and modernizes it in crisp, white alabaster.

AQUARIUS: Mitzi by Hudson Valley Zena LED Polished Nickel Table Lamp, $168.72

You'll never catch this visionary, forward-thinking air sign adhering to what's trendy; no, Aquarius likes to decorate outside the box with futuristic, edgy details other signs might be too afraid to try.

PISCES: Calypso Blue Sea Round Art Glass Table Lamp, $138.91

Serene, artistic Pisces is drawn to calm, cool colors and natural textures that remind them of the ocean. This lamp is reminiscent of sea glass.

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