This Is the Super Cute Kitchen Trend of the Summer

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Juice glasses. Patterned juice glasses. They are this summer's biggest kitchen trend. Now hear us out: We know you may not have had a glass of juice since, like, elementary school, but these can just as well be used for water. Or smoothies. Or cocktails. We're not the juice glass police.

The juice glasses we speak of have cheerful summer prints ranging from strawberries to honeybees. They're kitschy in a happy kind of way — they're summer in the form of glassware.

Here, check some out.

1. Urban Outfitters Strawberry Juice Glass, $8

2. Anthropologie Lola Bee Juice Glass, $14

3. H&M Home Lemons Printed Beverage Glass, $3.99

4. Urban Outfitters Flower Juice Glass, $8

5. Kate Spade Acrylic Strawberries Drinkware ( Set of 2 ), $24

6. Anthropologie Lola Lady Bug Juice Glass, $14

7. Cherry Party Drinkware Set, $30

8. Urban Outfitters Eye Juice Glass, $8

9. H&M Home Watermelons Printed Beverage Glass, $3.99

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