Joanna Gaines' 'Magnolia Table' Cookbook Is Finally Here

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In case you missed it, shiplap queen Joanna Gaines recently opened a restaurant in her hometown of Waco, Texas called Magnolia Table. Now we want to go as bad as the next person, but y'all — flights are expensive! We do have the next best thing, though, which is JoJo's brand new cookbook, fittingly (also) called Magnolia Table. It just came out, and includes recipes from the new restaurant as well as some Gaines family favorites.

Magnolia Table can be purchased most anywhere, but Target is offering an exclusive Hearth & Hand with Magnolia edition for $17.99 that has seven additional recipes, bonus photographs, and a handwritten note from Jo. These additional recipes include a bacon and cheddar quiche and an open-faced grilled cheese with arugula and a balsamic reduction drizzle — nommm.

The idea behind Magnolia Table is to bring people together over a meal.

"A lot of these recipes are tried and true favorites that I've been perfecting for years, like my biscuits and chocolate chip cookies," Joanna told Target. "Others were inspired by meals we've had with our family and friends."

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