These Are 2018's Top Home Trends According to Pinterest

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Pinterest's 2018 home report is here, and prepare yourself because there are quite a few trends to go over. Pinterest calculates what's on trend by tracking the increase in saved pins year-over-year. Below are this year's 25 stand-out keywords.

1. Lagom — +905 Percent Year-Over-Year (YoY)

Lagom is a Swedish less-is-more lifestyle.

2. Wool — +168 Percent YoY

3. Leather — +212 Percent YoY

4. Fringe Furniture — +275 Percent YoY

5. Open Closets — +126 Percent YoY

Not enough room in your closet, or no closet at all? Pinners are creating their own spaces for their wardrobes.

6. Upcycled Furniture — +131 Percent YoY

Upcycling furniture is all about turning pieces you already own into something fresh and new.

7. Block Prints — +131 Percent YoY

Traditional Indian hand block printing is on trend.

8. Red — +217 Percent YoY

9. Dark Blue — +139 Percent YoY

10. Hunter Green — +209 Percent YoY

11. Statement Rug — +236 Percent YoY

12. Celestial Light Fixtures — +137 Percent YoY

13. Black Kitchen Sinks — +252 Percent YoY

14. Geometric Tiles — +238 Percent YoY

15. Geometric Accent Tables — +526 Percent YoY

16. Gold Accents — +96 Percent YoY

17. Mindfulness — +248 Percent YoY

Specifically, creating spaces at home tailored toward escaping and reflecting. Make a cozy nook for your kids, too!

18. Down With Walls — +150 Percent YoY

Pinners are tearing down walls to create open-concept spaces.

19. Framed Plants — +396 Percent YoY

As in, pressed plants and flowers that are framed and hung up on the wall.

20. Tropical Wallpaper — +46 Percent YoY

21. Botanical Prints — +114 Percent YoY

22. Cement Tile — +262 Percent YoY

Cement tile as flooring is affordable and on the rise.

23. Concrete Flooring — +181 Percent YoY

24. Bathtub Remodels — +668 Percent YoY

25. Workspaces — +112 Percent YoY

People are turning unused rooms or nooks in their home into workspaces.

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