Hunker Recommends: These Are the Best Hotels We've Ever Stayed At

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Whether it's gadgets, decor, or furniture, in Hunker Recommends, our editors only put their stamp of approval on the very best.

When it comes to hotels, there's usually one that sticks out in your mind as the one to beat. The one where you experienced the best service, had the most comfortable stay, and felt most at peace. Below are our hotels to beat.


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1. Lafayette House — New York City

"In NYC, Lafayette House is my all time fave. It's in a brownstone in the East Village and is perfect if you're looking for an elevated Airbnb experience. (There's no lobby ... you pick up a key at the bar next door, but you can still get room service.) The suites are old-world but so tastefully done (like, seriously, when I win the lottery I want to show my interior designer pictures of this hotel), and the bathtubs are particularly insane." — Leonora Epstein, Senior Director of Content


2. Petit Ermitage — West Hollywood

"The rooftop of Petit Hermitage makes you feel like you've magically teleported to Europe. This gem is nestled in a small hill of West Hollywood, between the thumpa thumpa of Boystown and the glam of the Sunset Strip, but has the ability to make you feel like you're not in LA anymore. The rooms exude Parisian charm and sophistication. I love staycationing here because the rooftop is only accessible if you're a guest, so it feels more intimate. Few things are better than having brunch on a sunny rooftop while reclined in a cabana, cocktail in hand." — Archie Page, Video Director


3. The Ritz-Carlton — Marina del Rey

"I spent the night of my 23rd birthday at the Ritz in Marina del Rey with friends, and the staff went above and beyond to make it special. From greeting us with champagne to treating me to dessert and a drink at dinner, I always felt they were giving us their utmost attention. Apart from the birthday festivities, having breakfast and lounging by the pool overlooking the marina is so relaxing you no longer even feel like you're in L.A." — Carolin Lehmann, Associate Editor


4. Encuentro Guadalupe — Baja California

"Encuentro Guadalupe is located in Mexico's 'wine country' in Baja. The rooms are essentially suspended off the hillside by steel beams and the pool is tucked up in the mountain with insane views of the valley. Oh, and it's placed in the middle of a vineyard and the restaurant is built over a massive cellar. It's all sorts of crazy to look at and experience, and it's drivable from Southern California." — Paul Anderson, Photo Director


5. Ayana Resort and Spa — Bali

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"My favorite place ever is the Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali. I saw their famous Rock Bar in an article about the best rooftop bars in the world, and decided I had to go. So, last year my mom and I did. At the resort, they greet you with a lei, the most refreshing green juice ever, and a cool towel compress. This resort is basically a town (there's the main hotel, the villas, and a third hotel that focuses more on a jungle vibe). You never have to leave. Between all three hotels, you have access to a variety of restaurants, about 12 pools, plus a private beach. It really doesn't get any better (except for maybe when a suspect frog sneaks into your bathroom to escape the rain)." — Stephanie Worth, Senior Social Media Specialist


6. Casa Violeta — Tulum

"Casa Violeta is an obvious choice because I'm actually getting married there next month. My family has been traveling to Tulum and staying at Casa Violeta for the past 10 years. It's a very in-the-know spot, and the owner, Karla, is an old-school Tulum local. The hotel is both in the jungle and on the beach, and is absolutely magical. And I'm betting it's going to be even more magical once I deck it out for my wedding." — Brooke Wolin, Brand Partnerships Manager


7. Four Seasons Resort — Maui at Wailea

"The Four Seasons in Maui is a top contender for me. I went there on my babymoon, and within 15 minutes after arrival, I was on the beach, mocktail in hand, lounging on a chair under an umbrella they set up for me in advance. To stay there, it's a little pricey, but so worth it because they really know how to do hospitality right. Everything is taken care of for you, down to the minor details. Also, did I mention it's in Maui?" — Laurie Grossman, Director of Editorial Operations


8. NoMo Soho — New York City

"A few years ago I had the opportunity to travel to New York for work. At the time, the NoMo Soho was still called the Mondrian SoHo. The boutique hotel has a beautiful, verdant garden archway that leads to its entrance and the modern guest rooms have a color palette of crisp white with royal blue accents. To my delight, there were even Malin + Goetz toiletries in the bathroom. But the absolute best part of my stay was definitely breakfast at the hotel's stunning greenhouse-style restaurant (now known as NoMo Kitchen), filled with lush greenery and sparkling chandeliers. I can still remember the heavenly taste of my warm latte and lemon ricotta pancakes." — Ariane Moore, Associate Editor


9. Casa de Mita — Punta De Mita (near Puerto Vallarta)

"My all-time favorite hotel is Casa de Mita, which is about 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Instead of the typical high-rise resort, Casa de Mita is a smaller, villa-style hotel located right on a quiet beach that only the locals seem to know about. Every meal is made fresh in the onsite kitchen, with really fresh and locally sourced ingredients. One of my favorite things was that meals are served family-style outside on the gorgeous patio, which guaranteed that our group would always sit down and eat together. Plus, the staff truly go out of their way to make you feel special and like you're the only guests to have ever stayed there." — Lacey Won, Social Media Manager


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