These Are 2018's Top Spring Decor Trends According to Etsy

credit: Etsy

Over at Etsy, it's easy to see what's on trend thanks to sales data. And they've been nice enough to share with everyone by releasing Etsy Trend Guides. So what are the top trends for spring? Find out below.

Face Motifs

Faces on anything ranging from pillows to planters are totally on trend. Searches for "faces" are up 38 percent from this time last year.

credit: Etsy


Industrial accents — think aluminum and concrete — have been on trend for a while now, and don't seem to be going anywhere. There have already been 250,000 searches for the term "industrial" this year.

credit: Etsy

Terrazzo, Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the new marble. Searches for the material are up 250 percent this year compared to the same time last year. Catch the look on items ranging from ceramics to pillows.

credit: Etsy


It's no secret that the wellness industry is booming, so it makes sense that the trend is reflected in housewares, too. This year, there's an increase in searches for incense holders, meditation poufs, and essential oils.

room mist
credit: Etsy

Bonus! 2019 Trend Prediction: "Liquid Effect"

Etsy is calling it now: "Liquid effect" decor is going to be huge in 2019. Think items with colors swirled together watercolor-style.

credit: Etsy

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann

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