We Bet You Can't Guess the Most Affordable European City to Vacation in

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Dreaming of embarking on a Eurotrip? Us, too. Getting there is the struggle, but once you've arrived, your stay can be less pricey than you may think. There are quite a few European cities that are more affordable than your own U.S. hometown, in fact, and offer unbeatable history and sights to see.

How do we know? The UK's Post Office released its 10th annual City Costs Barometer, as noted by MyDomaine. As part of the survey, the prices of common vacation purchases were averaged in 36 cities. These include a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a soda, a glass of wine, a meal for two, two nights in a hotel for two adults, a 48-hour travel card, a sightseeing bus tour, a heritage attraction, a top museum, a top art gallery, and airport transportation. To find the most affordable city, the average price of each of these items was added up.

So what are the conclusions of the survey? For one, Eastern Europe is the most affordable. Also, prices are up in most cities since last year — prices fell in only one fifth of the cities surveyed.

But now, the reason we're all here: the top 10 most affordable cities for vacationing in Europe.

10. Lille, France: $295.71

Image Credit: pp76/iStock/GettyImages

9. Lisbon, Portugal: $295.57

Image Credit: SeanPavonePhoto/iStock/GettyImages

8. Athens, Greece: $283.64

Image Credit: Poike/iStock/GettyImages

7. Prague, Czech Republic: $282.84

Image Credit: ian woolcock/iStock/GettyImages

6. Moscow, Russia: $282.53

Image Credit: Skadr/iStock/GettyImages

5. Budapest, Hungary: $259.71

Image Credit: Peter_Horvath/iStock/GettyImages

4. Warsaw, Poland: $255.49

Image Credit: TomasSereda/iStock/GettyImages

3. Riga, Latvia: $243.66

Image Credit: f9photos/iStock/GettyImages

2. Vilnius, Lithuania: $234.26

Image Credit: Krivinis/iStock/GettyImages

1. Krakow, Poland: $164.80

Image Credit: RolfSt/iStock/GettyImages

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