Skip the Chaotic Craft Store, Because UO Home Has Launched a Line of Faux Plants

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The thing about fake plants is that they can go from looking cool to tacky real quick. So staring at the sea of fake plants at the craft store and trying to pick something decidedly non granny-like can become very overwhelming. That's why we're grateful for UO Home's new, highly-curated line of faux plants. With them, there's no need to overthink, because Urban Outfitters has already taken care of the humming and hawing over what is and isn't chic for you. Plus, there's no way to kill these plants, which — let's be honest — is much appreciated.

UO Home's faux plants range between $6 to $100. Check out our favorites below.

1. Faux Calla Lily, $6

2. Faux Bottle Brush, $24

3. Faux Heliconia, $24

4. Faux Lorax, $24

5. Faux Palm Leaf Pair, $36

6. Faux Strelitzia Leaf Pair, $100

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