13 Seemingly Unnecessary Gadgets You Won’t Be Able to Come Back From

kohler toilet
credit: Kohler

There's a never-ending number of products on the market today that promise to make our lives easier. But, that being said, just because you can make a product "smart," doesn't mean you should, right? Because do you really need an egg tray that sends you an alert when you're nearly out of eggs? At first, the answer is definitely "no" — how hard is it to open the refrigerator and look at the carton? But even we will admit that in this day and age, we can become pretty reliant on new technologies and TBH, we can't remember if we have eggs and now everything is ruined.

The following are 15 completely unnecessary smart products we want to make fun of, but secretly kind of want.

credit: BoilingBeeper

They say a watched pot never boils, so game the system with the BoilingBeeper, a gadget that floats in the pot and beeps when it's hot. According to their website, with BoilingBeeper you can "finally know exactly when your water is boiling!" FINALLY!

Onvi Prophix
credit: Onvi

Ever wish you could watch a live video feed of your mouth as you brush so you can make sure you don't miss any spots? No? Too bad, because with the Onvi Prophix that's exactly what you're going to do.

Sure, you could use the oven that's already in your home to bake your cookies, but the CHiP Cookie Oven has a convection fan that promises perfect cookies in 10 minutes. Can your oven do that?

numi toilet
credit: Kohler

A heated toilet seat is a nice thing, but nice just isn't going to cut it anymore. The Numi toilet by Kohler has moved way beyond nice and into the Jurassic Park, "your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should" territory. With the Numi you can personalize options for ambient colored lighting, wireless music and podcast streaming, foot warming, and many other settings that will make you realize that using a regular toilet is no longer an option.

credit: Foldimate

Folding laundry is undoubtedly an annoying part of being an adult. The Foldimate wants to get rid of that hassle by having a robot do it ... for $980. Worth it.

Hush Me
credit: Indiegogo

Have you ever been laying in bed and your phone rings with an important call but your partner is asleep next to you, so you don't answer because you don't want to disturb them? Well, those days are over. With the HushMe Voice Mask, the only thing that will disturb your partner is how much you look like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

pillow remote
credit: NewEgg

Never lose the remote control again. Instead, with the Journey's Edge Pillow Remote you can hug it and tell it to never leave you alone again. As an added bonus, having the remote live on your couch frees up much-needed coffee table space. So, go crazy and get that extra order of egg rolls.

sobro smart table
credit: Cool Material

Currently $379 on Indiegogo, the Sobro Smart Side Table will eventually retail for $900. So, get in now while the ability to have a built-in cooling drawer in your bedside table is still cheap.

Why settle for simply seeing Jesus on your toast when you can see yourself? When you order the Burnt Impressions Selfie Toaster, you provide a photo of yourself, and voilà! Burn yourself to a crisp.

credit: GeniCan

Attach the GeniCan to your trashcan and scan the bar codes (or speak the names) of the items as you throw them out. Then it will make you a shopping list so you can replenish your pantry. If talking to your trashcan is weird, we don't want to be normal.

credit: SmartyPans

Gone are the days of realizing you ate too many calories for your diet after you cook and eat your meal. With the SmartyPans Smart Frying Pan, you can find out how many thousands of calories are in your food as your cooking it.

credit: Spherificator

Do you ever wish that more foods were the shape and consistency of caviar? The makers of the Spherificator feel exactly the same way and they can help. The device turns most liquids into a pearl-like form so here's to topping your eggs with pearls of hot sauce or adding little balls of Coca-Cola to your rum.

Rocking Bed
credit: Rocking Bed

To help a baby get to sleep, parents will sit in a rocking chair or next to a cradle and rock back and forth for hours. HOURS. The Rocking Bed takes that same idea and applies it to your bed frame so you can sleep like a baby again. (Or you know, just bring your crying baby to bed.)

Sara Nachlis

Sara Nachlis

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