Ikea's New Wellness Collection Will Have You Saying 'Namaste'

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Lest you think Ikea is just blindly jumping on the wellness bandwagon, their new Hjartelig limited edition collection was likely inspired by a 2017 study they conducted about the factors that limit the feeling of mental presence at home. In the study, they found these factors are: taking work home from the office, FOMO, and smartphones and other technology. Ikea has been publishing these annual "Life at Home" reports for the past couple of years. In the past, they've looked into topics such as food and habits in and around the kitchen and morning routines around the world. The 2017 topic was common tensions around the home.

The Hjartelig collection features boho-chic pieces made of natural materials that help you create an at-home oasis. These range from yoga accessories to a bed canopy. The collection will be available in-stores only, in April — specific launch dates vary store by store, so feel free to shoot yours a call.

Check out the highlights of the new collection below.

1. Bench With Clothes Rack, $79

2. Bed Canopy, $99

3. Wall-mounted Headboard, $49

4. Yoga Bag, $14.99

5. Jewelry Holders ( Set of 3 ), $7.99

6. Scented Candles in Glass, $7.99

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