8 Mini Human Furniture Pieces for Your Pet

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There's really nothing more precious than mini versions of human furniture. Just add your favorite furry friend and you're guaranteed to experience cuteness overload. So what we're saying is, we bet you'll love the following eight mini human furniture pieces meant for pets even more than your furballs do.

1. Crown Mark Sheffield Dog Sofa, $259.99

This dog bed may well be fancier than your own. It has an antique gray wood finish and tufted upholstery — for real.

2. SofaForPets Mini Copy of an Ikea Sofa, $190

Calling all Ikea fanatics: Your very own dog or cat could own this mini Vimle loveseat from Etsy.

3. Tucker Murphy Pet Chuck Dog Sofa, $145.99

This simple, modern pet sofa won't detract from your carefully curated home.

4. Overstock Beagle Velvet Grey Pet Bed Sofa, $177.99

This velvet sofa offers only the best for your cat or dog.

5. CozyCama Midcentury Pet Bed, starting at $255

Here's a pet bed that will fit right into your midcentury home. It's made of domestic hardwood and is topped with a human pillow for maximum comfort. There's also an option to have a name or word engraved into the wood for an additional $30. For each pet bed purchased, a bed, mosquito net, or Bible is donated to a child in Africa through the non-profit Sweet Sleep.

6. All Modern Bambu Cross Pet Hammock, $131.99

Your dog or cat can hang loose on this hilarious hammock. It's made of eco-friendly solid bamboo and its surface is said to respond to your pet's body weight to relieve pressure points that create discomfort. Perfect for a cat nap.

7. Tucker Murphy Pet Astor Outdoor Hooded Dog Chaise Lounge, $199.99

This outdoor chaise lounge is for extra spoiled pups only. You can chill by the pool alongside Fido like nobody's business.

8. Pangea Home Claire Dog Sofa with Steel Hardware and Casters, $649.99

Made of velvet and solid wood, your pooch will be like a king on his throne on this dog sofa.

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