This Guy Creates Teeny Tiny Pottery and It's Completely Mesmerizing

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It's a proven fact: Anything in miniature is fascinating and immensely adorable. See: Hamsters eating tiny burritos, pancakes the size of a pinky, garden planters no bigger than a Fun Size Snickers.

Next in the tiny revolution? Pottery. Meet Jon Almeda, who we recently discovered on Instagram. The Tacoma, Washington-based ceramicist is basically a clay wizard, creating super small-scale vases and bowls, all completely hand-thrown.

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What makes Almeda's work even more fun is that he likes to film his creations in front of cool landscapes. Here's one he did in a small town in Taiwan:

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Here's one in front of the Brooklyn Bridge:

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And here's one he did on a beach in Tulum, Mexico. SO. RELAXING.

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In case you're wondering, yes, you can buy his wares. Several pieces are available for bidding on eBay. Our current fave up for auction? This sweet green vase, whose bid is currently at $15.50:

Are you as fascinated as we are? Check him out on Instagram at @almedapottery.

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