Proof That Everyone Should Consider a Black Dining Room

Who: Lita Lee, product stylist at Crave Interiors

Where: Toronto, Canada

Why we love this pic: Who knew that a black dining room could be so light and breezy? Here, the striking black walls are beautifully counterbalanced by the abundance of natural light, which is maximized by the lack of window treatments and large, reflective mirror. Meanwhile, a selection of rich, red accents adds life and vibrancy to the look as a modern chandelier punctuates the design with a contemporary edge.

The takeaway: Abundant natural light and vibrant accents make for an uplifting black dining room.

Get the look:

Black and red kilim rug
credit: Halimod
Modern mobile chandelier with black arms and brass accents
credit: West Elm

Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

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