These Are the 9 Decidedly Non-Tacky Valentine's Day Home Pieces You Need

valentine's day
credit: Le Creuset

Now, we're not proposing you deck out your home in Valentine's Day banners and teddy bears, but there's definitely some fun to switching out a handful of everyday items with love-themed pieces come V-Day. These can range from candles to mugs, and they don't need to be tacky. (Unless that's what you're into, of course, in which case you have our blessing.) Below, nine Valentine's Day home pieces you won't be able to resist.

credit: Gilt

You, avoiding commitment, in candle form. But all jokes aside, this pop art candle is printed with the late Keith Haring's work, which happens to be very fitting for Valentine's Day.

credit: Le Creuset

This enameled, cast iron cocotte from Le Creuset shows your food the love it deserves.

To ensure you won't forget to add the sunshine and kisses when baking Valentine's Day cupcakes.

plate set
credit: Pottery Barn

These precious plates were inspired by one of bridal designer Monique Lhuillier's favorite gowns. How fitting.

This heart pillow avoids tacky-town with its cool, '90s vibe.

credit: Neiman Marcus

If you're not drinking heart-shaped tea from this mug on Valentine's Day, then you're wrong.

credit: Canvas Home

Or if you don't want to add hearts or cupid into your life, this red mug is a festive way to ingest your morning caffeine, too.

art print
credit: Society6

This sea-foam green print would look great hanging on your wall year-round, to be honest.

We heart this festive tea towel.

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann

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