Too Cute: Heather Taylor Has Launched Napkins Just for Kids

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Fact: The mini version of just about any product is always at least 100 times more delightful. Case in point: Heather Taylor Home's new kid-size cloth napkins. While the Los Angeles-based textiles designer has previously dabbled in items for children — namely handwoven baby blankets — the napkins are a new experiment in kid-friendly decor.

Heather Taylor told us that the idea to make wee napkins came out of her own experience with her daughter:

"I decided to make kid napkins because our standard napkins are too big for little hands, yet I will do anything to avoid using wasteful paper towels as napkins. So my three-year-old daughter has been using our cloth napkins since she started eating, despite the fact that they overwhelm her. A friend of mine voiced the same concern, and suggested I make kid-size napkins. I loved the idea."

Taylor's kid napkins come as a set of four and either in cassis red or cobalt blue. They're hand-woven by artisans in Chiapas, Mexico, are made of 100 percent cotton, and retail for $28.

Aching for more adorableness? Good news: Taylor says additional kid tabletop items will be released this spring, so keep your eyes peeled.

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