You No Longer Have to Pay for Your Entire Airbnb Stay up Front

credit: Airbnb

Airbnb has been working on making booking a trip more stress free and flexible as of late. The first feature they rolled out? An option to split your Airbnb payment with friends and family. And the most recent? No longer having to pay for your entire stay up front. Talk about a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Here's how it works: In most cases, guests can choose to pay only a 50 percent deposit up front, and the rest closer to the check-in date. To qualify for Pay Less Up Front, your stay must total $250 or more, and be booked at least 14 days in advance.

airbnb pay less up front
credit: Airbnb

When testing the Pay Less Up Front feature, Airbnb says 40 percent of guests chose to use it, and consequently opted for higher-value bookings on the whole. Airbnb says the feature helps hosts as well because it leads to bookings with nearly double the lead time, which allows hosts secure and manage bookings more easily. A win-win!