Muji Is Opening Its First Hotel This Month, and It's a Minimalist's Dream

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When it comes to Muji — the Japanese "no-brand" retailer — it's all about aspiring to a level of minimalism that's attractive in theory, but difficult in reality. (After all, how many times have you left a Muji thinking, "I will Marie Kondo my life; I will marinate in the mist of my essential oil diffuser," — and then never done any of that?)

But now that Muji is launching hotels, it's at least a possibility to inhabit that idea — if only temporarily. The retailer is set to open its first hotel this month in Shenzhen, China (with two more on the way in Beijing and Tokyo) and the rooms are absolutely reflective of their outlook: minimalist and compact with just the right amount of natural decor. And, of course, they also come stocked with Muji products — from the towels to the cotton balls.

"Muji Hotel seeks to provide a physical experience of the Muji philosophy through the texture of the towels, the placement of outlets and light switches, the menu and venue of the restaurant, and more." — Muji

In case that's not enough, the second and third floors of the hotel even hold one of the largest Muji stores in China. Other hotel facilities include a diner offering foods inspired by home cooking, a library, a gym, and conference rooms.

Muji Hotel Shenzhen will open January 18, while the Beijing location will open March 20 and the Tokyo location in spring of 2019. Rooms begin around $145 per night — which is about midrange in price for the area. With West Elm boasting a line of hotels opening in 2018 as well, we wonder which home retailer will be next to give customers a taste of living in their world.

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