You'll Be the Chicest Person on Doomsday With These Emergency Kits

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If 2017 didn't leave you with a general feeling of dread, then speak for yourself. Between hurricanes and earthquakes, climate change has been rearing its ugly head. Home emergency kits are smart to keep around, but Preppi is taking the concept to the next (rather star-studded) level with their decidedly chic survival line. Even Anna Wintour has one of their emergency survival bags monogrammed with her initials, so move over Marc Jacobs and Chanel — ok?

The Prepster Black Ultra Luxe Survival bag.

Preppi's survival kits range from $65 for a first-aid kit to $4,995 for an "Ultra Luxe Survival Bag" that includes "Bond-like gadgets." The monogrammable kits offer the bougie essentials any dying girl needs, like grapefruit face cleanser, boxed water, and chocolate. But all jokes aside, they do offer legitimate survival offerings such as tents and water purification kits, as well.

The contents of the Prepster Luxe 3-Day Survival bag.

"By bringing design to the forefront of our emergency kits we hope to make emergency preparedness less daunting and maybe even a little fun! While our products are quite handsome on the outside, the contents we include on the inside are incredibly comprehensive." — Preppi

Preppi was launched in 2014 by costume designer and wardrobe stylist Lauren Tafuri and former director of the Roman Coppola Studio and vice president of special projects of Coppola's The Directors Bureau Ryan Kuhlman, after they noticed a void in the market, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It's based in Los Angeles.

Are you hopping on the luxury emergency kit bandwagon? We may just stick to stocking up on water bottles and sliced bread at the grocery store, thanks, but it's always nice to have options.

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