The Design Trends That Will Come and Go in 2018, According to Zillow

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We recently reached out to 10 design professionals for their take on what the top home trends of 2018 will be, and now Zillow has come out with their annual trend report that only adds to the list (plus some fads that will supposedly be so out).

"While homes with all-white kitchens can be beautiful in photos, they are hard to keep clean and they may sell for less money," said Zillow's home design expert Kerrie Kelly. "In 2018, expect to see a shift away from the farmhouse-chic trend. Instead, look for a rise in warmer colors, unique natural woods — both in flooring and cabinetry — and floral prints."

We're curious to see if the trends they predict to go will actually do so, because they've been absolutely everywhere in 2017. We don't quite know if we're quite ready to wave them goodbye yet, to be honest!

Ready for the lowdown on Zillow's study? Read on.

Floral Prints

In bold, contrasting colors, to be exact. And on large billowing fabrics, chairs, and throw pillows.

Statement Floors

Flooring such as bold-colored geometric tiles and light-colored, herringbone-style hardwoods will gain popularity, especially in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Light Wood Cabinets

Instead of white kitchen cabinets, homeowners are predicted to pick medium and light wood cabinets, particularly with flat fronts and clean lines.

Warm Neutrals

These range from warm reds to caramel browns, and will be seen both on walls and in artwork.

Matte Metal Hardware

These complement medium-wood cabinets especially well.

All-White Kitchens

According to Zillow data, homes with blue kitchens sell for $1,800 more than homes with white kitchens.

Bar Carts

What will replace them? Coffee carts, because they're supposedly more practical.


Homeowners are expected to start incorporating more colorful or leafy plants, rather than succulents.

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