23 of Airbnb's Most Wishlisted Homes by Country

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Prepare for some major wanderlust, because Airbnb released an overview of their most wishlisted homes by country today. Where do we even begin? Airbnbs are available in a boatload of countries, so we've sifted through the list in hopes of finding some standouts. And oh, did we — 23, to be exact. They're listed below (in no particular order!) for your daydreaming consideration.

1. Viana do Castelo, Portugal

"Casa do Rio," $84 per night

2. Bruges, Belgium

"Small Room in Bruges B&B," $76 per night

3. Mount Nathan, Australia

"Luxury Gold Coast Hinterland Villa," $100 per night

4. Mexico City, Mexico

"Apartment With Green Terrace in Roma Norte," $74 per night

5. Cape Town, South Africa

"Prime Three Story Cape Town Penthouse," $177 per night

6. Atlanta, Georgia

"Secluded Intown Treehouse," $375 per night

7. Barcelona, Spain

"Charming, Very Spacious, and Best Located Apartment," $336 per night

8. Cumbria, England

"Britain's Favorite Castle," $147 per night

9. Dali, China

"Starry Room," $40 per night

10. Stockholm, Sweden

"Fabulous Sea Cottage in an Archipelago," $218 per night

11. Marrakesh, Morocco

"Private Three Bedroom Riad," $91 per night

12. Riva, Italy

"Luxurious Lakeside Home With Lovely Views," $85 per night

13. Sarnen, Switzerland

"Villa Wilen," $181 per night

14. Rotterdam, Netherlands

"Cubehouse in Central Rotterdam," $176 per night

15. Medulin, Croatia

"Beach Front Lighthouse Marlera," $158

16. Østfold, Norway

"Private Island in Sunny Hvaler," $228 per night

17. Bali, Indonesia

"Balian Treehouse With a Beautiful Pool," $83 per night

18. Bird Island, Belize

"Bird Island," $450 per night

19. Windhoek, Namibia

"Glamping in a Traveler's Delight Tent," $30 per night

20. Laugarvatn, Iceland

"A Beautiful Cottage Close to the Geysir," $300

21. Seoul, South Korea

"Korean Traditional Hanok," $187 per night

22. La Habana, Cuba

"Colonial style B&B by the Sea," $82 per night

23. Prishtinë, Kosovo

"Yellow Sweet Cherry Studio," $40 per night

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