The Trendiest Types of Homes on Airbnb for 2018

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Airbnb has come out with its 2018 travel trend forecast, offering information about the most popular cities, experiences, home types, and more. The word around town is that people are booking more non-traditional homes. Check out the trendiest home types on Airbnb based on booking data for the first half of 2018 below.

Nature Lodges: 700 Percent Growth

Matekap Lodge in Bali, Indonesia $45 per night

Ryokans: 600 Percent Growth

Ryokan-Style Traditional House in Kyoto, Japan, $167 per night

Yurts: 155 Percent Growth

Carmel River Yurt Retreat in Carmel, California, $150 per night

RVs: 133 Percent Growth

Malibu Dream Airstream in Malibu, California, $500 per night

"... travelers are increasingly drawn to homes that are rustic and unique, rather than simply comfortable." — Airbnb

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