What Will Ikea Say About These Hilarious Blue Bag Stockings?

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Ikea is no stranger to poking fun at companies who turn their blue Frakta bags into big-ticket items. When Balenciaga came out with a $2,145 ripoff, for example, Ikea came out with an ad describing how to identify an original Frakta bag. Maybe these Christmas stockings will make their (good natured) hit list next:

Yes, the UK company Bootleg Baubles has come out with "The Swedish Stocking." "Nobody knew they wanted this, and suddenly here it is," they quip. It turns out plenty of people wanted "this," because the handmade stockings, costing 20 pounds, have already sold out. What a shame.

If you can't do without a "Swedish Stocking," you could just sew your own, of course. Or maybe take this moment to consider why you feel the need to dismember innocent Frakta bags, in the first place — just saying. Save the Fraktas!

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