Decor Ideas From Meghan Markle's Toronto Bachelorette Pad

Announcement Of Prince Harry's Engagement To Meghan Markle
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Talk about a whirlwind. Future duchess Meghan Markle was just Instagramming her Toronto bachelorette pad last year, and now she's living in Nottingham Cottage with a literal prince whom she will marry. Not much could top that.

While we can only dream of what the inside of Nottingham Cottage looks like after Markle has lent her touch, she has invited the public to take a peek into her former Toronto home on Instagram. Markle's decor style is feminine and cozy, featuring overstuffed couches and lots of bright white. She shared her dreamy home with her two pups, Bogart and Guy, before moving to England this year, and was an avid user of the hashtag #adoptdontshop.

Below, Markle's Toronto pad, and where you can find similar pieces for your own home.

Throws and Candles


credit: Pamuk & Co.

This pretty "throw" on Markle's sofa is actually a towel. It's "crafted by Turkish artisans from the finest Turkish cotton." Pamuk & Co., a Canadian company, ships internationally, as well.

credit: Kit and Ace

While hard to tell if this is the exact candle on Meghan's dining table, she does state that she loves Kit and Ace candles. This one is called A Spark of Summer and smells of salty waves and sage teak.

Beach-y Prints

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credit: Gray Malin

Meghan has a Gray Malin beach print hanging in her dining room. We've done some sleuthing, and believe it's this one picturing Australia's Bondi Beach.


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credit: Tom Dixon

While the exact scent is unclear, Markle loves Tom Dixon candles. This one "captures the smell of red brick and London parks with crocuses and nettles, and the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham." Fitting for the future duchess.

credit: Cowshed

Again, the scent Markle picked is unclear, but these room diffusers with silly names are some of her favorites. This one has the uplifting scent of mandarin, petitgrain and grapefruit essential oil.

Coffee Table Books


credit: Amazon

This book is by the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris.

mccartney book
credit: Taschen

This is a retrospective volume about Linda McCartney's life, with a forward by Paul and Stella.