You Can Now Split Payments on Airbnb

airbnb split
credit: Airbnb

If anyone has ever conveniently "forgotten" to pay back their portion of a vacation rental to you, listen up: Airbnb isn't having it! They've launched a feature that allows split payments, so no one individual has to foot the bill in hopes of being payed back by the rest of the group ever again. What a time to be alive.

"For those that have traveled with a group, two-fifths have experienced not receiving all the money owed from a group trip. Of these people, a whopping 43 percent have lost $1,000 or more in group trip repayments, and a stunning 18 percent of the most frequent group trip takers report losses of $10,000 or more." — Airbnb

airbnb comic
credit: Airbnb

Here's how it works: The trip organizer's reservation is put in an "awaiting payment" state, with the organizer's portion of the booking charged on their card, and the host's calendar becomes blocked for the selected dates. The other trip goers then have up to 72 hours to logon to Airbnb and pay their portion. Think splitting an Uber or Lyft, but on a bigger scale.

Up next for the company? An Airbnb apartment complex that will open in 2018, and is "designed to encourage home sharing."