The 10 Most Jaw-Dropping WeWork Offices Around the World

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WeWork, the co-working space chain found in over a dozen countries, has picked up some prime real estate over the past couple of years. Along with this, they've changed the game for freelancers and startups needing office space. From New York City to London, expect some jaw-dropping views and amenities at these 10 design-minded WeWork locations of note (in no particular order):

1. WeWork Congress — Austin, Texas

WeWork Congress, which is in the heart of downtown Austin, offers interior design inspired by Wes Anderson films.

2. WeWork Metropool — Amsterdam, Netherlands

WeWork Metropool has panoramic views of the Amsterdam canals.

3. WeWork Kinzie — Chicago, Illinois

WeWork Kinzie boasts amazing views, and is even located right next door to the House of Blues.

4. WeWork Ciyunsi — Beijing, China

WeWork Ciyunsi offers this awesome lounge space as well as an arcade.

5. WeWork La Fayette — Paris, France

WeWork La Fayette is an Art Deco building with a central atrium and several outdoor terraces.

6. WeWork Sony Center — Berlin, Germany

WeWork Sony Center has sweeping views of the Tiergarten: A huge park that is home to the Berlin Zoo, and more.

7. WeWork Tower Bridge — London, England

WeWork Tower Bridge is located in St. Katharine Docks, with panoramic views of the city, the Thames, and the marina.

8. WeWork Montes Urales — Mexico City, Mexico

WeWork Montes Urales is located across the street from Google and even has a screening room.

9. WeWork Pyrmont — Sydney, Australia

WeWork Pyrmont was once a wool storage facility, and this industrial past shines in the best way through original timber beams and more.

10. WeWork Place Ville Marie — Montreal, Canada

WeWork Place Ville Marie offers views of Champlain Bridge and is connected to Montreal's Underground City, which is an underground web of train stations, restaurants, office buildings, and more, designed for the icy winters.

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