The 12 Most Memorable Decor Trends of 2017

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As 2017 comes to a close (don't worry, we feel like we've blinked and missed it, too), it's time to reminisce. Below are 2017's 12 most memorable interior decor trends.

1. Black and White

This look was both a classic and on trend in 2017. Specifically, in kitchens, in bathrooms, on trims, and on doors.

2. The Boho Look

Boho made a major comeback in 2017, but with more of a modern twist. It was presented less literally, while maintaining an eclectic feel.

3. Desert Chic

One thing is for sure: Cacti were practically inescapable in 2017. The Joshua Tree-esque desert look hit hard, and cacti and succulents were at their prickly prime.

4. Midcentury Modern

Here, another look that was both a classic and on trend in 2017. In some cases, boho influences were incorporated, as well, for an updated feel.

5. Farmhouse Style

Maybe Chip and Joanna Gaines are to blame. Farmhouse style took into account a few cozy features — like rustic woods, burlap details, and mason jars — to create a breezy and perfectly lived-in space in 2017.

6. Minimalism

There seemed to be a shunning of excess "stuff" in 2017, with paired-down aesthetics rising in popularity.

7. Millennial Pink

By far the most inescapable color of 2017, millennial pink seemed to have some serious staying power, seeping even into cookware.

8. White Theme

People weren't only going for a white theme on their Instagram accounts in 2017, but also bringing the look into their homes. White bedding and walls, in particular, were popular.

9. Brass Hardware

Brass hardware was often found in both kitchens and bathrooms this year. It provided that perfect rustic feel and warmth to modern spaces.

10. Wallpaper

Specifically, with tropical prints. If you didn't run into a single wall covered in banana leaves or palm fronds in 2017, you likely were living on Mars.

11. Tile in Fun Patterns

Tile laid out in fun patterns, like herringbone, contributed bold texture to spaces in 2017. These tiles were found in kitchens and bathrooms, and ranged from flooring to backsplashes.

12. Mixed Prints

Mixing prints was an important feature of 2017's boho revival. The key was to stick with similar colors and themes for a unified look.

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