You Can Now Search for Real Estate on Facebook

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As if Facebook hasn't already covered all its bases, the Facebook Marketplace now has a housing tab for properties for sale or rent as well. That's right: Housing groups will no longer be the only way to find a pad using the social media platform.

According to Mashable, Facebook has partnered with Apartment List and Zumper to bring listings to the site. Additionally, sellers can upload photos of their properties to Facebook independently.

Image Credit: Carolin Lehmann

The housing tab is still pretty basic, offering distance and price filters only, along with photos. Sellers can be Facebook messaged to get the conversation rolling, and listings can be saved and shared. Viewing the listings does not re-direct you to Apartment List or Zumper: The entire housing search can be completed without ever leaving Facebook. The housing tab seems to be a good source for finding under-the-radar listings in competitive renting cities, but if you're looking to make a more highly filtered search, you may find other sites more useful.

Wanna place a bet on how soon Amazon will jump on this bandwagon, too?

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