Dolce & Gabbana’s Hand-Painted Fridges Are Baffling

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Let us break this down for you: Dolce & Gabbana has been putting out gloriously Italian hand-painted Smeg refrigerators for a couple of years, as well as other home appliances such as blenders and toasters, as of late. The news is that you can now buy these perplexing fridges in the U.S. from Neiman Marcus, according to Vogue... for $50,000 a pop.

Do not get us wrong: the artistry and craftsmanship poured into these refrigerators is breathtaking. They're hand-painted by several different artists, and all feature Italian scenes in bold primary colors. But on a fridge?! Maybe that's just the idea: to shock the public into viewing and appreciating intricate Italian art that they otherwise wouldn't.

Assumptions on the agenda for these loudly painted fridges aside, check some out below:

Saint Geneviève Refrigerator

"The Sicilian cart and its traditional iconography are the sources of inspiration for the scenes painted on this refrigerator. The story of Saint Geneviève is the main theme."

Taratatà Refrigerator

"The decoration of this refrigerator is inspired by the songs and dances of popular Sicilian tradition, particularly the Tarantella and the Taratatà."

Sicilian Spectacle Refrigerator

"The decorations of this refrigerator are inspired by the ancient Sicilian art of the Opera dei Pupi, the traditional puppet theatre that recounts the exploits of Charlemagne's knights."

The Hero of Two Worlds Refrigerator

"The unrivaled protagonist of the decorations of this refrigerator is Giuseppe Garibaldi, the leader nicknamed 'the hero of two worlds.'"

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