7 Ikea Names and Their Perplexing English Translations

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It's official: the Swedes are messing with us. Their Ikea furniture names are not only unpronounceable, but also making us Americans look a fool. Here we are asking for a "FNISS" trash can at Ikea, but in reality we're saying we'd like a "giggle." Of course, some names they pick are downright adorable, such as LURVIG — "shaggy" — for their pet collection, but don't be fooled by one sweet moniker! Around the next corner you could be asking for a "chubby" table lamp.

If you've ever been curious about what exactly the Swedish Ikea names mean, we have a place for you to go: Lars Petrus' The Ikea Dictionary fan website. While we can't confirm that all of his translations are accurate, we have double checked these seven, and they're lowkey hilarious:

The FNISS Trash Can ( $1.49 )


The GRUNKA Four-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set ( $4.99 )

"Thingy," or "contraption"

The KLUDD Glass Noticeboard ( $19.99 )

A clumsy drawing, or a painting executed without much skill

The KNUBBIG Cherry Blossom Table Lamp ( $14.99 )


The SNIGLAR Bed Frame ( $69.99 )


The TOKIG Salad Spinner ( $5.99 )


The VESSLA Storage Crate with Casters ( $5.99 )


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