5 Reasons Why We're Totally Obsessed With Miele HomeCare Vacuums

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A vacuum is one of those items you want to buy once in a lifetime — not once a year. Quality is key, and we've found that appliance manufacturer Miele offers the highest level. (The company has been around since 1899, after all!) Miele puts their vacuums through the ringer in their laboratory, which means each vacuum's quality is beyond top notch.

Here are five reasons why we're obsessed with Miele's HomeCare Collection:

1. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs (and every nook and cranny).

The Classic C1 HomeCare

The HomeCare Collection offers the upright vacuum cleaner Dynamic U1 HomeCare, as well as four canister vacuums: The Classic C1 HomeCare, the Compact C1 HomeCare, the Complete C3 HomeCare, and the Complete C3 HomeCare+. The canister vacuums come with a variety of floorheads, so between the five options, you're guaranteed to find a perfect fit.

2. One-touch cable rewind is the luxury you didn't know you needed.

The Complete C3 HomeCare+

There's nothing more tedious than wrapping a vacuum cable around itself 101 times once you're done cleaning. The Complete C3 HomeCare and the Complete C3 HomeCare+ offer comfort one-touch cable rewind for your convenience.

3. There are lightweight options.

The Compact C1 HomeCare

Saturday is best spent not lugging a brick of a vacuum around the house. Try the Compact C1 HomeCare model that comes in at a mere 14.8 pounds.

4. They're stylin'.

The Dynamic U1 HomeCare

Every HomeCare model comes in the color "Autumn red." Classic and festive.

5. They have a top-notch filtration system.

The Complete C3 HomeCare

Most of the HomeCare vacuums have an AirClean Sealed System with a HEPA filter. This means they trap fine dust and allergens in a jiffy.

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