An Apartment Complex by Airbnb Is in the Works

kissimmee, florida
credit: Twenty20

If you Airbnb out all or part of your apartment unit, you run the risk of irking your neighbors. But Airbnb has its hands on a potential solution to this. They're opening apartments in Kissimmee, Florida, near Walt Disney World, alongside the Newgard Development Group in 2018. The apartments will be called Niido, and are "designed to encourage home sharing." Newgard will officially own the Niido buildings, according to CNBC, but Airbnb helped "design the units, buildings and services provided there."

Residents who sign year-long leases at Niido will be able to rent their entire units out for up to 180 nights a year on Airbnb, according to Forbes. And if they want guests year-round, they can simply rent out one room in their home, without a time cap. With Niido, all tenants in the building will be on the same page about allowing home-sharing and Airbnb can bypass some of Florida's strict regulations on the matter, according to CNBC. Or at least that's the idea.

"We're doing this because we think, through home-sharing, our tenants will be able to make additional revenue that could actually change the way they live by attaining the lifestyle that they might want but we know they can't afford," Newgard Development Group CEO Harvey Hernandez told Forbes.

And if Niido is a success? "We hope that we'd roll this out across the U.S. and internationally," Airbnb's director of global multifamily partnerships Jaja Jackson told CNBC. We're definitely curious to see if Niido is a hit.

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann is an Associate Editor at Hunker. She's a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism and has previously written for HuffPost, Seventeen magazine, and a variety of local news outlets. As a studio apartment dweller, she's always on the lookout for new ways to decorate a rental on a budget.