You May Soon Be Sitting on Chairs Made of Old Cups at Starbucks

pentatonic chair
credit: Starbucks

We're down with Starbucks in any way, shape, or form, so if someone wants to turn Starbucks cups into chairs, we'll raise a PSL to that.

Yes — believe it or not — Starbucks UK has collaborated with startup furniture company Pentatonic, which is known for creating furniture out of recyclables, to redesign its iconic "bean chair." The design is currently being shown in a pop-up store at the London Design Festival. The upholstery, cushioning, frame, and legs of these new and improved bean chairs were once plastic bottles and plastic cups.

"Partnering with Starbucks to build furniture and materials out of their own waste is a major demonstration of how scale can be a force for good," said Jamie Hall, the co-founder and CMO of Pentatonic. "By taking the iconic bean chair design and re-engineering it using trash, it further illustrates the unlimited application possibilities of post-consumer waste."

To launch the partnership, Pentatonic and Starbucks also collaborated on a Starbucks pop-up bar constructed entirely from its own waste materials in London. When it closes on October 12, all the materials used, and the bean chairs, will find new homes in Starbucks stores in London. This will mark the beginning of upcycled materials being used in future UK store designs, according to Starbucks.

Furniture made out of mushrooms, furniture made out of trash... we love that retailers are moving toward a greener future.