These Deliberately Inconvenient Objects Will Make You Feel Unbelievably Frustrated

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If you're like us, your home is a space you want to make as comfortable, cozy, and practical as possible. Most objects meant for a home are designed to help you accomplish comfort, and most people never put a second thought into this notion. But Greek architect Katerina Kamprani does.

Kamprani has a collection of "deliberately inconvenient everyday objects," called The Uncomfortable, that she's been working on since 2011 and exhibits regularly.

"My goal is to deconstruct the invisible design language of simple everyday objects and tweak their fundamental properties in order to surprise you and make you laugh," Kamprani said on her website. "But also to help you appreciate the complexity and depth of interactions with the simplest of objects around us."

We feel an itch of frustration just looking at these objects, but they make us think about and appreciate how we interact with the everyday items in our lives. Hey, if you never thought you'd feel thankful for a simple fork and knife, just take a peek at these monstrosities:

The Uncomfortable has our (very awkward) stamp of approval. You can keep up with Kamprani's passion project on the The Uncomfortable Facebook page.

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