Here's Why You Should Create an All-White Dining Room Before the Holidays

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With the holidays right around the corner, it's a great time to create the ideal dining situation. But before you think of dark shades and traditional accessories, think again. This stunning space designed by The Tattams offers some fabulous inspiration to get you started, and it all comes down to a few airy key pieces. A simple large window sets the tone of this design, as most of the pieces here have a sunny quality to them: the smooth white chairs, mirrored artwork, desert-inspired rug, and greenery are all enhanced by the brightness in the space. Then there's the midcentury dining table and matching chairs that complement the surrounding look with its clean lines, while also adding some weight with its darker finish. Opting for an all-white dining room may not scream "cozy" at first, but it actually makes for the perfect atmosphere. Like a white plate enhances the beauty of colorful food, a white room can do the same for your menu and decorations. Plus, it'll look good for everyday meals, too.

Adapt this look to your own setting using these pieces:

Madera Dining Table ( $1,399 )

Poly and Bark Side Chairs ( $140.16 for set of four )

Colca Wool Rug ( starting at $399 )

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