Here's Exactly How You Should Style a Black and White Bathroom

Let's all take a moment to swoon over this stunning bathroom designed by Katie Hodges. Striking in its simplicity, this space's approach is a shining example of what a bold statement a minimal design can make. It starts with the heart of this showstopper β€” that gorgeous statement tile β€” which features an eye-catching pattern that gives this room a fresh, contemporary feel. Given that such a design draws a lot of attention, the rest of the look is right to stay clean. A wide window painted in a matching black hue draws that shade up from the floor, while bright white walls and a smooth-edged tub play into the modern, easy aesthetic. And last but not least, we love how the bamboo shade provides a contrast of color and texture without obstructing light. If you have a bathroom as sunny as this, be sure to keep everything just as breezy.

Recreate this look in your own space with these items.

credit: Overstock
bamboo shade
credit: Overstock
Freestanding white bathtub
credit: Vintage Tub