Here's Why a "Less Is More" Approach Works So Well for a Cozy Living Room

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It's easy to think that you need a lot of furnishings for a cozy living area. But, hold tight: you don't need as much as you think. This living room, shot by Lauren Pressey and designed by Wendy Word, is the epitome of comfy-chic, and it's far from complicated — a warm color scheme and plush furnishings do wonders. Calm hues of ocean blues, honey tones, and dusty pinks create a welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for a family hangout, and those shades appear in just a few items. The trick is that everything is plush, oversized, or wide: the larger dimensions fill up space while still maintaining a clean look. For instance, the overstuffed couch allows the large throw pillows to work their inviting magic. Then, the wide raw-edged side table perfectly complements the caramel color of the nearby round ottoman. Finally, a long area rug matches the center artwork above the couch, creating a sense of uniformity throughout.

Try this California-inspired look in your own space with these three items.

"Bondi Rescue" by Daydrift on Soceity6 ( $87 )

Magnolia Home Oversized Pillow ( $109 )

Wade Logan Mohamad Loveseat ( $237.99 )

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