It's Not Too Late to Create a Perfectly Casual Sunroom

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Now that we're down to the last days of summer, we're already nostalgic for the beauty of a sunlit room. But if you follow this example from Elsie Larson, then you can soak up those rays long after we turn our attention toward fall. The secret to this space, besides its many windows, is its white-on-white palette. The shade is used from floor to ceiling to let natural light work its reflective magic, as black accents give the room a contemporary edge. Instead of heavy furniture, the inclusion of floor cushions around a low-slung table makes the area feel even more casual, while their textures and patterns pop against the clean backdrop. And finally, a bunch of plants at different heights provide texture and interest alongside the string lights, while a mix of rattan and woven pieces enhance the look's effortlessly cool attitude. If bright locales like this one speak to you, remember to keep a similarly laid-back approach β€” a light palette and tons of greenery will do the trick.

Create a chic sunroom of your own using these items.

Gold, marble topped coffee table
credit: West Elm
White midcentury planter with wooden legs
credit: West Elm
Rattan lantern
credit: Trouva