There's No Reason to Abandon the Blush Trend Just Yet

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In case you were thinking that the blush-tone trend is on its way out, think again: this cozy space designed by Claire Zinnecker is proof that this shade not only deserves its place in the spotlight, but should be used for years to come. Why? It basically works as a warm neutral. In this living room, the blush-meets-organic color palette paves the way for a calming visual that's offset by a mix of fun patterns. The hue anchors the simplistic couch and a few of its pillows, and then picks up the undertones in the painting above. And since this shade complements wood so well, its no wonder that the texture is used throughout the space, from the coffee table and side chair to the rope light and picture frame. Finally, the black geometric prints on the cushions and the outstretched leaves of the corner plant bring in some dimension and color, without taking any attention away from the pigment of the moment. If you're thinking of using pinks in your decor, don't forget about these details: wood and black look especially striking.

Try this look in your own living room beginning with these pieces.

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