Just So You Know, Bold Patterns and Bright Colors Actually Work Well Together

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Vibrant colors and fun patterns are great ways to create a happy, stimulating environment for little ones, but the combination of the two may make for a chaotic aesthetic. Fortunately, this space created by Bri Moysa clearly demonstrates that — with the right styling in place — rich shades and designs can absolutely work together. This room's secret style weapon is symmetry. The natural wood bedside table functions as a grounding centerpiece that connects the similar beds on either side, while matching black table lamps drive home the room's satisfyingly balanced intentions. Meanwhile, neutral-colored wallpaper features a pattern that coincides beautifully with the similar lines on the bedspreads, as the array of gorgeous throw pillows bring in cohesion with their complementary hues. Bottom line? Don't be afraid to go bold, as long as you rebel within the same palette.

Punch up your little one's room with these adorable pieces.

International Concepts Unfinished Lamp Table ( $79.96 )

Threshold Brass Lined Desk Lamp ( $34.99 )

Faux Leather Pillow Cover ( starting at $54 )

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