Here's How You Can Make a Home Office Out of a Small Space

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No space? No problem. This home office designed by Brit of House Updated is proof that an empty corner is all you need for a stylish place to get work done. The reason this area works so well is largely due to its thoughtful organization. A tiny gallery wall defines the area as its own, featuring frames in each of the room's dominant shades — black, white, and beige — for a polished vignette that drives the rest of the look. Down below, a pair of layered rugs add trendy texture into the mix, while a potted plant in the corner provides a colorful dash of eye-catching dimension. And topping off this pretty view is a powder pink chair that just so happens to complement the clever arrangement of books-turned-decor on the desk. Since this area is all about learning, take note: you don't need heavy furnishings (or a dark palette) to give your tiny office some weight.

Looking to make a home office out of an empty corner? Start with these picks.

Folding Metal Chair ( $89 )

Oscar Matte Black Planter ( $49.95 )

Anywhere Desk ( $99 )

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