We're Pretty Sure This Boho Living Room Will Instantly Boost Your Mood

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Your home carries a lot of power to impact your mood on a daily basis. Take this space designed by Alyse Rodriguez, for example — just looking at it is an instant mood-booster! The bold turquoise hue of the vibrant statement wall instantly sets an eclectic tone, and it's given even more personality thanks to the corner fern that highlights the wallpaper's pattern with its matching leaves. Meanwhile, a collection of equally textured throw pillows on a neutral sofa further enhances this room's cheerful tone, proving that none of us should be afraid to play with bright shades in big doses. But we're especially excited about the unique take on the gallery wall. Not only do the untraditional frames play into the space's many layers, but their organic finishes coincide with the natural wood below. Even if you're hesitant about using a rainbow of pigments in your color palette, these earthy frames can still give your look a positive energy.

Punch up your gallery wall with some texture using this braided frame.

Shiraleah Natural Braided Rope Frame ( $59.98 )

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