A Living Room's Neutral Palette Stays Interesting With Textural Details

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This comfortable living room, designed by Julia Marcum, is a shining example of how to create a look that's casual and inviting without sacrificing sophistication. Its neutral color palette creates a calm atmosphere, while a smattering of layered accessories heightens that sense of relaxation with warm textures. It all starts with the ledge photo gallery above the gray sofa, which features an eclectic array of prints that showcase the dweller's personality within the same subtle tones of the furniture. Then there's the pile of throw pillows that amplify this room's coziness, while providing a few bold patterns to balance out the art overhead and the rug below. And to top it all off, a pair of no-fail vibe enhancers β€” a large fig tree and an adjacent geometric foot stool β€” give hints of height and structure to it all. Follow this lead and create a low-key living space that draws the eye in with its details.

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