These Woven Chairs Make for an Irresistible Breakfast Nook

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There's nothing like a breakfast nook to bring charm to a kitchen, and this delightful design by Kelly Nutt shot by Ryan Garvin makes that pretty obvious. Honestly, have you ever seen a more adorable place to eat a homemade feast? It all starts with the corner banquette, which functions as a comfy space-saver that adds an intimate layer to this minimalist design. Take a closer look at the booth's singular cushion, as its cute blue-and-white pattern seamlessly ties into the backdrop of the colorful artwork up above. And further overhead, a geometric pendant light's gilded structure nods to the straight lines of the architectural beams on the ceiling, while also complementing the woven aesthetic of those breezy chairs at the foreground. Their neutral hue and wooden bases act as the ideal foil to those intricate details, making for a compelling visual that doesn't compete with the other smile-inducing factors in the room. It's exactly the type of seat we'd like to claim for our morning coffee.

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