You Only Need Three Things to Make a Gorgeous Outdoor Space

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Before you convince yourself that an outdoor space is too hard to furnish, think again. As this gorgeous shot by Annabode + Co. demonstrates, all you really need are three cohesive elements to make this "room" in your home shine: sleek silhouettes, chic neutrals, and plenty of thoughtful styling. A minimal approach to al fresco areas not only looks sharp, but it also makes everything easier to maintain. The simple white table at the forefront of this photo offers clean lines and a light feel to the look, while its natural wood tray ties it into the likeminded bench and fence nearby. A pile of cushions in inviting shades further enhances the aesthetic's upbeat feel, but a pair of matching black side chairs balance that sweetness with a laid-back dose of cool. Given that there are plenty of textures and colors at work here, an outdoor rug in a calm gray hue quietly brings it all together — and it's bound to look even better when those string lights are in use.

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