It's Easy to Make a Bedroom Look Effortlessly Cool, Even If It's a Personal Struggle

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Here's the thing about the latest bedroom trend: don't overthink it. By the looks of this ultra-chic bedroom design by Christina Higham, it's relatively easy to create a swoon-worthy space with nothing more than the essentials. The light color palette of gray tones evokes tranquility — a no-brainer in the bedroom — and the complementary white bedding appears effortlessly inviting. Meanwhile, the pair of soft green lumbar pillows ties in beautifully with the easy plants on opposing sides of the bed, while a vintage area rug in warm desert hues adds an element of cozy pattern to the monochromatic look. Lastly, the midcentury side tables have a low-key finish that matches our favorite pieces in the room, those black mounted lamps overhead. They work in just the right amount of edge to support the sole piece of "punk" artwork on the wall, making this overall example complete without much fuss. As long as your must-haves carry the same streamlined aesthetic, you can pull off a look that's just as confidently relaxed.

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