Is Crabapple Tree Wood Good to Burn?

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You can put the wood of a crabapple tree to good use. It burns beautifully and sweetly in a fireplace or bonfire.


Crabapple Trees

Crabapples are a member of a genus of deciduous trees and shrubs that grow to be as large as 50 feet tall. Crabapple trees come in many varieties, including columnar, spreading, pyramid shaped, vase shaped or weeping. Their clustered, pink, white and red blossoms that appear in the early spring make them popular for landscaping.


According to the South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service, when different species of trees are burned, they differ in the heat value, flame color, fragrance and amount of sparks they give off. Crabapple wood, it suggests, has one of the most visually pleasing flames.



For smoking or cooking food, crabapple wood is similar to apple wood in flames and flavor. It produces a fruity sweetness in food.


Crabapple wood produces fewer sparks and less smoke than many other types of wood.

Expert Insight

"Wildman" Steve Brill, an American "forager" and plant expert, says on his website that crabapple wood, "It makes better fires than any other kind of wood."



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