Facts About Apple Trees

Apple trees prosper in areas with warm summers and dry climates and they cannot be grown north of the Arctic Circle. While the fruit-bearing trees are mainly grown in the northern hemisphere, some are now being grown in Australia. The fruit on wild apple trees is protected by thorny branches.

When to Plant

November and the end of March are the best times to plant apple trees because it's during those parts of the year that the soil conditions are best suited to help your tree take root.

Most Popular Variety

Red Delicious trees are the most popular variety in the United States.

Different Sizes

Apple trees grow to a variety of heights, ranging from 5 to 30 feet depending on the type of tree.

Energy to Grow

The growth of one apple requires the energy of 50 leaves from the tree.

Bearing Fruit

Once the tree is planted, it will take between eight and 10 years for it to bear fruit.

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