Oak trees are functional as well as attractive. Their leafy green foliage provides shade and color to the natural environment. Sometimes the presence of ball moss causes the tree to appear less than attractive. Getting rid of this unsightly moss is something that can be done in a relatively short time with the right tools and equipment.

Step 1

Determine the height of the oak tree that is a host for the moss. You will need to choose between a ladder, a bucket truck and a cherry picker in order to reach the branches of the tree and kill the moss.

Step 2

Position the bucket truck, cherry picker or ladder by the tree, and use a cane pole or a pole and hook to dislodge the moss from its branches. The moss will not be attached very tightly, so you should be able to remove a significant amount of it in this manner.

Step 3

Kill the remaining ball moss by distributing copper hydroxide spray, or a baking soda and water mixture, with a spray rig. Wear protective clothing, safety goggles and a protective mask with a filter while using this chemical.

If using baking soda, use a mixture of ½ lb. of baking soda to 1 lb. of water.

The moss will shrivel up and fall off of the oak tree within five to seven days.