How to Prune Orange Trees

An orange tree is a definite asset to your property. These trees are not only magnificent to look at; they are wonderful to smell, and produce a healthy, delicious fruit. When orange trees are blooming, you cannot miss the sweet aroma of their spectacular blossoms. It is a unique fragrance, and special to take in. A properly maintained orange tree can also generate loads of sweet, delectable fruits for your eating pleasure. Most trees do not require a lot of pruning once they have been established. How long it will take to prune them depends on how many of them you have. Allow about 90 minutes per tree, and make sure you have the specific tools to complete this project.

Step 1

Select the day for your pruning. It is very important to prune your orange tree at the best time of the year. The date can range from January through March, depending on your location. You will only have to prune every other year. Pruning should be completed before the blossoms appear.

Step 2

Decide on a pruning plan. Make a thorough inspection of your orange tree to decide what you are going to do. Look for any dead or diseased branches. Check out the lower trunk area for any suckers that may need to be removed. Look over the branches to see if any are crossing over other ones near the middle of the tree. Make a final overall examination of the tree from several different angles.

Step 3

Prepare your pruning tools ahead of time. Use rubbing alcohol to sterilize all of your pruning tools. It is a good idea to do this before each tree is pruned, if you have more than one. You do not want to spread any diseases among them.

Step 4

Remove any suckers that may be growing by making a vertical cut near the trunk of the tree. Cut any branches that are crossing over the center, to open up the middle section of the tree to sunlight and air circulation. Get rid of all sickly branches. Use your shears when possible, and the pruning saw for larger cuts. Leave the cuts you have made shaded from direct sunlight to prevent sunburn. You can do this by not removing a lot of the upper branches unless it is absolutely necessary. As you are cutting, continue to look over the entire orange tree for reference.