The coconut is called "the plant of many uses." Every part of the coconut—from the tree to the husk to the oil—can in some way be used by humans.


The trunk of the coconut tree can be used to build many things, such as fences, canoes and even furniture.


The leaves of the tree can be woven into baskets, and they have also been used in roof thatching.


The fibers in the coconut coir, or husk, can be made into ropes or mats.


The coconut shell is sturdy enough to be made into cups, most often sold to tourists. It is also made into other tabletop items such as bowls and spoons.


The white meat of the coconut can be eaten raw, but it is often used in cooking for desserts.


Coconut oil is a base used in many soap products, and in shampoo and hair conditioners. It is also considered to have many health benefits and is sometimes used as an immune system booster and for assistance with digestive problems.